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Ice Cream Man (2010)

Is it an ice cream bar? No, it is a book shaped like an ice cream bar. The accordion fold book on a wooden stick contains recollections and thoughts about the neighborhood Ice Cream Man past and present. The book also contains illustrations of various ice cream treats, and it slips neatly into a colorful wrapper.

Book and wrapper letterpress printed in an edition of 50 copies.

3 x ~7.5 inches; 10 pages.


Hand Book (2008) Nine pairs of hands (specifically bookmaker’s hands) shown life size. Back and front cover shown. Turning the page turns the hand over. Digitally printed, hand-sewn folio of 36 pages. 8.5 x 10.5 inches. Edition of 10.


Hand Book (mini) (2007) A do-it-yourself, small version of Hand Book. You download the files and print, cut, and bind the pages. 3 x 3.25 inches. Unlimited edition.




& Cap (2006) Black brushed cotton baseball caps with gold embroidered “&” using Century Oldstyle typeface. Cap size adjusts with Velcro strap. You assign your own meaning to the “&” (e.g., you & I, us & them, celebrating the best conjunction, love of the Book Arts, etc.). Open Edition.


The Book of Love (2005-6)

The canvas covered boards, cast bronze coin adorning the front cover, and the hand sewn gate-fold structure complement Aristophanes’ ancient myth about the origins of Love. Also, the artist is very pleased that the age old question posed in the Monotones’ hit song from 1958, Who wrote the Book of Love? now has an answer.


Text excerpted from Plato: The Symposium and The Phaedo, translated and edited by Raymond Larsen. Illustrations, bronze coin, printing, and book binding by Michael Henninger. 7.5 x 13 x 0.6 inches. Hahnemuhle paper, linen thread, canvas, gesso, bronze. Printed using an Epson 9600 with Ultrachrome inks.

Edition of 16. Numbers 1-6 have the added feature of perforated pages that must be split by the first reader in an action analogous to the action taken by Zeus in the story ($500). Numbers 7-16 are pre-cut ($400).


(500 deluxe)

The Handy Pocket Guide to CritiqueSpeak (1996, revised 2006)

A sewn pamphlet with various common phrases used in art critiques translated into straight-forward English.Especially suitable for Art students. Paper; laser printing. Open edition. Unsigned.


Collage Cards: View from the steps of El Castillo (2004)

Plastic case with 11 inkjet printed cards, each card measures 2.5 x 3.3 inches.

The viewer lays out the cards to construct a panoramic picture of the pyramid steps and view from El Castillo at Chichen Itza, an ancient Maya site in Yucatan, Mexico. Open edition.


Temporada de Lluvias (2002)

A big book of Phillip Hofstetter’s panoramic images of ancient lowland Maya ruins with accompanying poems by David Freidel. Book designed and produced by Michael Henninger. Stab binding, letterpress and digital printing, boards covered with Maya bark paper. Edition of 20 plus 5 artist’s proofs.


Oscar 365 (2002)

A collection of pictures, one from each day, of Oscar’s life from birth to one year old. Accordion structure with digitally printed images and text. Edition of 6.


Collage Cards: Chunchucmil Crossroads (2001)

Plastic case with 16 inkjet printed cards, each card measures 2.5 x 3.3 inches.

The viewer lays out the cards to construct a panoramic picture of Chunchucmil, a contemporary Maya village in Yucatan, Mexico. Open edition.


Generator (2001)

This computer based book was first produced in 2000 and was enhanced with a frame of images that surrounds the monitor in 2001. The reader reveals the text by cranking the handle on the black box. A nearly infinite number of personal biographies are constructed by the software and revealed as long as the reader cranks the handle. One-of-a-kind. (~14.5 x 16 x 18 inches).


Book-let (2000)

Part of a series of wearable book art produced in 2000. Worn on the wrist. This book utilizes cut-down signatures from a found book. One-of-a-kind.


Bookolo (2000) Another in a series of wearable book art produced in 2000. This one-of-a-kind book was exhibited at the R. A. Keep Book Arts Salon at Mills College in 2000. The book opens to reveal imagery and is a take-off on 18th century “lover’s eye” lockets.


Art-O-Meter(1999) Interactive electronic device that measures one's artistic ability. Inkjet printed text and imagery inside of a plastic housing. Open Edition.


Fresh Start(1999) Stick matches and box. This piece, which advises one to burn all their old art works, was made in 1999 in response to study of the Fluxus artists. Open Edition.


2 Shells (1996) Scroll using 2 shotgun shells as spindles. Letterpress and laser printing. Scroll has a slipcase covered with red book cloth. Feeling pressured to do something and ignoring one’s true feelings is the subject matter. Edition of 10.


The Claytonizer(1996) Tie-on false mustache to make one resemble ceramic artist Clayton Bailey. A part of the “product” series. Presented to Clayton Bailey on his retirement from the faculty of Calif. State University, Hayward. Unnumbered; 2 produced.


The Love Glove (1995) Screen printed package; one version has a cut-out window through which fake fur shows. The Love Glove protects against the “negative consequences” of masturbation such as vision loss. A part of the “product” series. Unnumbered edition.


(30 for furry version)

Smokey the Bear Sutra (1993) The text is the poem by Gary Snyder. Signatures sown on cords attached to wooden covers. Letterpress text and screen-printed images. Edition of 25.

sold out

50 Men(1993) Set of five accordion books, each containing 10 linocut portrait images of men. Each image is paired with a typical statement exemplifying masculinity in our culture. Text is letterpress printed. The set of books is housed in a slipcase. Edition of 8.

sold out

Beer Girls(1992) Accordion book with beer can covers and two parallel texts about beer advertising, sex, and misogyny. Letterpress printed from wood and metal type. Edition of 6 plus 1 artist’s proof.

sold out

Animal Matches(1992) Matchbook-like structure with 10 split pages. Each half page contains half of an animal’s face which can be matched to another half. Letterpress and Xerox. A miniature version of the earlier work "Matches." Unnumbered edition.


The Asian Zodiac (1990) A book about the 12 signs of the Asian Zodiac. Letterpress printed with intaglio images. Edition of 25.


Matches(1990) Large matchbook like cover with comb bound pages. Pages are split down the middle, and each half page contains half of an animal’s face which can be matched to another half. Letterpress and Xerox. Edition of 6.

sold out

Art Criticism Kit(1989)

Deck of 16 cards that can be used to write a review (over 8000 variations) of any artist or artwork. The Xeroxed cards come in a paper envelope which is letterpress printed. Unnumbered edition.

sold out